NexZenTek offers a holistic collection of services, solutions, and frameworks aimed at expediting our customers’ transition to the cloud. Given the swift evolution in cloud adoption, it is crucial for us to guarantee that our clients fully harness the advantages of cloud technology and prepare for the future.

Through our comprehensive range of cloud services and the expertise equipped in house, we offer our customers cloud operating models and engineering services that leverage SRE and DevOps platforms. This approach accelerates business value through hybrid cloud solutions. NexZenTek can help you drive business value, build resilience, and advance your goals of transformation, adaptation, and innovation for a reimagined future.

Our Offerings
  • Cloud Strategy

    Businesses have been continuously adapting to cutting-edge technologies by embracing the cloud environment. At NexZenTek, we facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud for our clients through meticulous planning of their cloud journey, evaluating their current IT infrastructure, and offering expert guidance. Our focus is on crafting comprehensive cloud strategies, leveraging our accelerators and frameworks to implement them effectively, thereby aligning with our clients’ business goals. To achieve our intended business outcomes, we undertake the following actions.

    1. Formulate an appropriate cloud strategy tailored to your business requirements.
    2. Conduct a cloud readiness assessment to identify the most suitable candidates for migration to the cloud.
    3. Develop a cloud migration strategy based on individual applications.
    4. Assess the implications of security, governance, risk, and compliance issues.
  • Cloud Transformation & Migration

    Achieving a successful transition to the cloud requires industry knowledge, established best practices, and tools that facilitate a secure and seamless journey. Our established cloud migration process and tools empower enterprises to expedite their cloud migration process. To ensure a seamless transformation and migration to the cloud, we undertake the following actions.

    1. A unified interface for the efficient management of on-premises resources as well as private and public cloud resources.
    2. Accelerated application migration to the cloud made possible by NexZenTek’s Migration process and tools.
    3. Swift, smooth, and secure migrations facilitated by our automated tools and frameworks.
  • Cloud Managed Services

    In the realm of cloud management, cost optimization takes precedence as a paramount concern for enterprises undergoing continuous expansion of your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud managed services are designed to aid customers in enhancing cloud operations, upholding security and compliance standards, all while mitigating operational expenses associated with the cloud.

    1. Implementing a completely automated infrastructure deployment on a cloud platform for PIM environments through Infrastructure as Code.
    2. Offering adaptable security solutions from the perspectives of compliance, governance, and business continuity.
    3. Assuring reduced cloud expenditure with NexZenTek’s expertise, which leverages intelligent Cloud Subscription and Operations services.


NexZenTek Solutions Inc is an AWS Consulting Partner

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