Quality Assurance and Testing

Drive innovation within your organization using NexZenTek proficient resources. Our specialists rely on years of engineering experience to generate applicable ideas and successfully deliver your product.

NexZenTek’s Software Development process provides a comprehensive suite of Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Test Engineering, and Managed Support services to our clients. Since inception, software development has represented the foundation of our existence and is reflected in our proven record of delivering affordable, timely, high-quality and high-performance software across all industry verticals, over the complete life cycle of the solution.

Our software Quality Assurance (QA) practice is an integral component of the software development process, and spans all aspects, starting with preliminary business requirements gathering, software architecture & design, software configuration management, and consists of all means of monitoring the software engineering process and methodologies used to ensure a quality outcome. It encompasses the actual coding, the source code control, and code reviews; platform testing, release management, and product integration. The SQA process can be organized into goals & expectations, deliverable & commitments, functional capabilities, process & activities, measurements, and validation and verification.

Success is predicated on exceeding expectations, and as such, we pride our practice on conducting an in-depth analysis of client requirements, the creation of extensive test frameworks, and incorporate best practices testing methodologies to deliver timely, high-quality product. The software industry is extremely competitive and warrants that we stay on top of the latest trends in design and testing. NexZenTek has built a reputation by adapting to new concepts and service delivery methods such as cloud-based testing, mobile app testing, and analytics offerings. We have amassed a library of custom development and testing accelerators; in leveraging these tools, our clients have gained competitive advantages by significantly reducing their time-to-market.

Importance of testing:

In the development of software, it is essential to identify bugs and inconsistencies in the code long before the solution is released or Generally Available (GA). As is often the case, the environment for which the software was intended is subject to change or has unforeseen incompatibilities. It is a constant vigil and developers and quality assurance resources must make sure the code continues to deliver on expectations. It is a huge risk and liability to deliver a product to market without sufficient testing and quality review.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services:

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